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Flying Chip -- colorful close-up

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This one reminds me of something Tenyo might have put out in the 1980's.  An easy piece of close-up magic using an interesting (and gimmicked) piece of apparatus.   But this was produced by Sam Dalal's ElectroFun magic in the late 1990's.   

You show a simple cardboard and plastic holder for four different colored chips.  (The chips are about the size of a US quarter dollar).  The clear lid of the holder hinges open, and the four chips are dumped out of the holder, leaving four obviously empty spaces.   The spectator chooses a color, and the other three chips are replaced in the holder, which is closed, and then placed on the table with the clear lid facing down.   The chosen chip is vanished, and when the sealed holder is turned right-side up again, the vanished chip is now back in its holder space.

Easy to do -- just one sleight to vanish the chip, but even that sleight could be eliminated by simply putting the chosen chip into your pocket instead of vanishing it.  

I compared this to Tenyo, and in effect, it is very Tenyo-esque.  However,  if Tenyo had engineered this effect, the holder would probably be examinable at the end.  This prop is NOT examinable.  But if Tenyo had made it, it would also cost about $25.    I don't think the fact that it is not examinable is a big problem.    The prop can be handled very cleanly and casually, and the colorful props and simple effect stand on their own.   After the chip reappears, put the prop away, and move on to your next mystery.

Brand new with instructions.

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