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Brass and Silver Washer transpo set

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I will start by saying the instructions provided with this trick are horrible.   The set of gimmicked washers is nice, and has a LOT of possible uses in transposition and penetration effects.  But I advise this set for moderately experienced close-up workers, as you will need to work through the very unclear instruction sheets.   

That said, you will be able to easily work out routines like these:    

show a silver washer and brass washer on both sides.  Place both washers on the back of your left fist.   Rub them with your right hand and magically one of the washers vanishes and reappears inside your left fist.    Or....

show the washers and thread them on an ungimmicked cord.  Place the threaded washers both into your spectator's hand and have her close it over them.   She names a washer (say, silver).   You tug on the ends of the cords that extend from her hand, and pull the cords free from her grasp.  Only the gold washer is on the cord now.  The silver has magically come off the cord and remained in her hand.    Or...

a mini Hopping half trick -- show the two washers in your hand and put the silver one into your pocket.  open your hand and it has returned to join the gold.   Now cleanly put the gold in your pocket, but instead of returning to the hand, when the hand is opened, it is empty -- the silver has vanished.

You get the idea.   The first two of these routines are "explained" in the instructions, but not very well.  The third is easy to figure out if you have a Hopping Half set (or the Bobo coin book, which explains the hopping half, sun and moon coins, etc)  

I like this set, once I stopped trying to use the instructions sheets!

CONDITION NOTE:  this item is new stock and unused, but the brass washer has a small tarnish spot on one side, by the edge.  I tried to show it in the photo.  The tarnish spot does not interfere with the working of the effect.  I rubbed a little Brasso on it, but not sure if it will come off -- if purchasing this item, please assume the spot will not clean off.


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