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Long Card revelation (set of 2)-- stretched Bicycle style

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I have been a long-time fan (and performer) of the Looong Card gag revelation.   But now I just found some with the same red Bicycle back design that I typically use for my card effects.  The back on these Looong Cards looks like a stretched out version of the Bicycle Rider design.     Very cool!   

The effect:   well, the picture tells the story... Spectator picks a card from the deck.   It is the eight of hearts.  Magician says he has the card in his pocket, and begins to remove the card.    It is partially exposed, and appears to be  the three of hearts.  But when the spectator says that his card was the EIGHT, you pull the card out further and further, finally flipping it around to show the Longest Eight of Hearts in the world! (Your fingers cover the eight of heart index at first to show what is apparently a three of hearts!)

The card is on very similar stock to your Bicycle deck, and is the same width as a Bicycle poker deck.   (The finish on the card is a bit different from your regular cards, but it does feel pretty much like any other card to your spectator.)   Because the back design appears to be the same as the deck, I also use this card as a gag at the time of selection.  If the Long Card is put into the middle of the deck, squared up at the front and protruding (about 4.5 inches from the back), it is possible to hide the extended card behind your wrist and arm, as you riffle force the card on your spectator.  When she goes to take the card from the deck, it appears to stretch out to more than twice it's length!   The stretched back design seems to confirm that she has pulled too hard on the card!

NOTE:   unlike some Looong Cards, both corner indices on this card are correct -- the 8 of Hearts.  Some Long cards have a 3 of Hearts at one corner and 8H at the other.   If you prefer to let a 3H index be seen when the card is first pulled  partially into view, you can use a white Gel pen, or WhiteOut, on one of the index corners, to change an 8 into a 3.  I did this to one of mine, and it looks perfect.

If you think laymen don't like Card tricks, you have not shown them the Looong Card!

Brand new and unused, includes TWO Long Cards, so you can have a spare (because you will use this a LOT!)   Cards are 2.5 inches wide and about 8.5 inches long.    (Deck shown in photo is for scale only -- NOT included)

No instructions, but if you understand how to force a card, and some basic card handling, you can work out all kinds of fun things with these.

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