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Invisible Deck and teach-in DVD

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Save: $7.00
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If you are new to magic, or have never seen the invsible deck for some other reason, the effect is: a spectator picks a card from an invisble deck, and replaces it reversed in the pack. (All pantomimed, of course.) Then the deck is made visible by the magi, and of course, the card they selected (just thought of, any card, no force) is found reversed in the visible deck. Thus proving it is the same deck!

Here is a nice quality bridge-size version of the classic Invisible Deck.   Now you may be working most of your close-up show with a non-matching deck, but that isn't really a problem.  Because the Invisible deck, within its presentation, calls out that the deck is "special" (hey, its invisble!), it is not a problem to have a different back design from other cards you might use.

Probably the GREATEST card effect ever!   

In addition to the standard instructions provided with the deck, this lot also includes a DVD that teaches nine additional handlings with the deck.  Among these is one where the spectator's name appears on their thought-of card, and another where they think of a card, it vanishes from one deck and appears reversed in another deck.  Some interesting alternatives to the classic "Invisible deck" presentation.

The Magic Makers DVD can be found for about $10.   We sell the Royal Magic Invisible Decks for $5.99.  Get them both here for the DVD price!!

Invisible Deck cards are new and unused.  DVD is open for review and inspection but in new condition.

(NOTE:  In the photo, you can see a red backed Bicycle design on the trick's label -- to be clear, the back design is the blue back you see reversed in the faceup deck.  These are NOT Bicycle backed cards.)

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