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HILFORD, The Invisible Stranger

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SOFTBOUND.  MINT. 2008 first edition. by DOCC HILFORD (published by Docc Co.)
Another valuable book for working mentalists from Hilford, this one focuses on a single extended routine, which has the mentalist identifying friends and lovers of the audience members.  Designed expressly for the ladies group luncheon circuit, Hilford even ends the booklet with about 10 pages on how to market and book the act!

Although the premise of looking into the hearts of the women and identifying who they are thinking of plays great for female audiences, the structure and handling of the routine are easily adapted to other contexts that create string mentalism for any audience.

The routine is a master class on audience management, billet work, and practical routining.   

This booklet has a suggested list price of $45, and online searches turn up prices from $25-$35, and even one on Amazon for $158 (don't buy it there!)    Get it here for less than any of them!

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