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Mirror Production Box --dragon/pagoda design

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Whether you want to finish your living room party show with a big silk production, or you just want to add a little extra magic by magically conjuring up a few silks for your Mismade Flag routine, or to use as magic color for your Coloring Book trick, or....    Well, this handy self-contained production box could serve the purpose well.

This is an updated version of the classic cardboard Dragon Production box that SS Adams put out, back in the 1970's.   This version, made in India, also has dragon and pagoda graphics, though they are more vibrant, and are of a more playful style.   The box is similar size to the old Adams box -- this one is 6 inches square on all sides.

The box is shown all around with doors closed, and then the top and front doors are opened.  The box can be shown fairly freely to the audience, and with proper hand positioning and attention to angles, the audience will swear they looked right through a completely empty box.  But the doors are closed, and with no external loads (it's all self-contained), you open the top door and produce a large load of silks, or even small solid objects.  (You have half the inside space of the box to work with!)

The mirror illusion is good -- better than it looks in the photo I took.  The box is purposely made to be inexpensive, so you will notice a few things you wish were better about this:   The doors are slightly bowed (see photo) -- not a big deal, but I wish they weren't.   The doors, when closed, can push into the box -- they will stop and "grab" the edge of the opening where they are supposed to, but if you push them, they will go inward.  (again, not a huge deal even if they push in -- just pull it out slightly to align with the opening's edge.   With careful handling, you will not have an issue with this.)   Last caveat -- the little door handles are small and you may wish to replace them (easily) with a slightly larger knob that you could find at your hardware store.

I just want you to know what you are getting, but all that said, the box looks and works great for those small living room shows, and is a bargain, considering many production devices cost big bucks these days.     This one is easily stored and carried to shows in the same sturdy box it ships in.

Brand new, with instructions.    (No silks or production items included)

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