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Smashed -- Sankeys realistic pencil thru coin

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The picture I took doesn't show how the opposite side of the penetration looks, but the metal of the coin is flared out, just like it would be if a pencil was really shoved through it by brute strength.   This feature is what makes Smashed a very neat magical penetration, because the spectators actually believe what they have seen... at least for a few moments.

The effect is very quick, clean and visual.  You hold a pencil in your right hand, and show a quarter gripped between your fingers and thumb in the right.  The point of the pencil is tapped solidly onto the face of the coin, and on the third tap, the pencil passes through the face of the coin.  The pencil, with coin still impaled, is handed to the spectator for examination.

I personally like to end there, rather than removing the coin and restoring it.  And Sankey discusses the pro's and con's of the "to restore, or not to restore" debate.  Typical of a Jay Sanket DVD, he goes into a lot of detail on different handlings and ways to use the special coin.  I think the first handling he shows is the best, and the one I described above.

You get the special (genuine) U.S. quarter that has been precision machined for the effect.  You also get a pencil, though you can use any regular pencil of standard diameter.  And you get Sankey's personal, wacky teach-ins on the DVD.

Brand new with DVD instructions.  

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