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Double Crossed (DARYL) -- ultra clean cards across

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The late Daryl Martinez was one of the first professional magicians I ever met.  He was performing street magic in San Francisco in the mid-1970's and the teenage version of myself got up the nerve to show him a trick I had been working on.  He was very gracious (as he always was) and gave me a few pointers.  He seemed so incredibly accomplished to me at that time, even though he was only a few years older than I was.   Over the next four decades, Daryl brought much joy and innovation to the magic world, and he will be sorely missed.

From his Fooler Doolers line, Double Crossed is one of the most practical and impressive versions of the "thought-of cards across" plot that you will ever find.   It looks exactly like this:

The spectator counts twenty cards facedown into a pile on the table.  The rest of the deck is held by a spectator, and the magician can be stripped searched to prove that he has no other cards -- only the twenty cards counted BY THE SPECTATOR will be used.   The magi counts off ten of the cards and sets them on the table, where another spectator covers them with her hand.  The magi turns the remaining cards faceup and fans them out.   The faceup cards are counted to prove there are really ten different cards to choose from.He asks one spectators to each think of and remember one of the black cards, and another spectator thinks of one of the red cards.     The fan is closed and placed facedown on the table.

PAUSE HERE TO NOTE:  spectators have clearly seen that there were ten different cards in the pile, and they have THOUGHT OF two of the cards -- they are not removed or even touched.  The pile is placed facedown, and the magi can again be stripped searched, as he has not palmed or stolen any cards from the pile.

To finish the trick, THE SPECTATOR counts the pile facedown onto the table.  There are now only EIGHT cards.  The magi hows the face of each card, one at a time, and the two thought of cards have vanished.   The SPECTATOR holding the first pile of cards lifts her hand and counts these cards facedown on the table -- now there are TWELVE.  The two spectators name the two thought of cards, and the spectator removes them from among the twelve card pile.

It is an almost moveless miracle.  One easy sleight that happens very early in the routine, and the rest of the time, you can just relaz and enjoy it.

Comes with Bicycle poker card gaffs and DVD instructions.  Usually sells for $28-$30.  Get it here for less.

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