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Silkola with Pringles Can -- ordinary props

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Silkola has always been one of my favorite effects -- even before I owned one.  I remember seeing that line-drawing picture (in my old EZ magic catalog in 1974) of a silk trapped inside a coke bottle, and I thought "what a cool trick!"   When I finally got my own Silkola (some years later), my enthusiasm was confirmed and warranted.  It WAS a really cool trick.  It worked well, and it looked great.  My Silkola has a speckled tube that looked very much like a "real" magician's prop.

Well, now there is a movement toward less ostentatious magic props, and for modern audiences, the more ordinary looking the prop, sometimes means the more amazing the magical effect.  So here comes Silkola again, but this time using the familiar Pringles can as the covering tube.

The effect:   an empty (real) glass coke bottle is examined and then placed upright on the magician's table (or any ordinary table).  A Pringles potato chip can is turned on end and placed over the bottle to hide it.   Now a silk is shown and vanished via your favorite method.  When the pringles can is lifted, the vanished silk has reappeared INSIDE the bottle.  The spectator is asked to take the silk from the bottle and she finds it to be quite difficult.  "So think how difficult it would be to get it in there, without magic?"

Silkola's only drawback is that the Pringles cover can is not examinable -- but this is a small drawback for this classic effect for stand-up shows.  The focus is on the bottle and silk, and so even with this drawback, the effect is powerful and enduring.  That's why it still amazes audiences today, just as it did when I first learned about it in 1974!

Brand new, with instructions.

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