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Triple Cross -- Arthur Emerson -- EZ cards across

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No date on this one, but I am guessing that it was released in the late 1970's.   It is Arthur Emerson's easy method for causing three cards to travel from one packet of ten cards to another packet of ten cards.    Along with four pages of detailed instructions, it includes the necessary gimmicked cards in blue backed Aviator / Fox Lake design, bridge size -- probably not a match for your favorite deck of cards here in the 21st century.  But you can easily get (or probably already have) the necessary gimmicked cards to match your favorite deck.   They are common gaffs that Emerson has put to use in an inventive way.

The effect:    Magi gives his deck a quick shuffle, and then asks a spectator to cut it into two piles.   One spectator picks up either half, and counts ten cards facedown onto the table.  Another spectator counts ten cards facedown into another pile from the other half.   The ten card piles are then turned faceup and placed into the center of their corresponding halves of the deck.  Magi recaps that he has not touched the cards, and that the spectators have verified that ten cards exactly were placed faceup into each half.   But when the spectators each spread through their cards and remove the faceup groups, one spectator finds only 7 cards, and the other finds 13 cards -- the three cards have magically travelled in a "Triple Cross".

Unlike some cards across routines, the cards are not selected -- just three random cards among the group of ten.  But the handling is so "hands-off" (it really is!) that the effect is still very impressive, even if it is not combined with the revelation of selected cards.

This is from old-new dealer stock, and is unused, complete as issued.

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