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Soup to Nuts -- original Emerson & West 1980

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This vintage Emerson and West packet effect has a lot going for it.  Strong magical occurences, humor, non-card based climax (if you include the appearance of some actual peanuts), and if that all is not enough, it can also appeal to Andy Warhol fans!    I imagine that Warhol's famous Campbell's Soup Can painting may have inspired Jim Callan to come up with this entry into the extensive Emerson & West packet trick line.

EFFECT:  Magi shows four cards facedown -- they have red Aviator/Fox Lake style backs.   Turning them faceup, it is seen that the faces are not like regular cards (surprise!) but instead depict cans of soup on three cards and a can of peanuts on the fourth.  "Soup to Nuts!"   A monte style routine follows, with the spectator trying to follow where the can of nuts is, but as with standard four-card monte effects the can of nuts eventually is seen to have vanished.   In the end, the card that should be a can of nuts turns into a picture of a can opener!   And in the extra ideas, it's explained how you could cause a bunch of penauts to fall from beneath the cards (though this is optional).

This effect was one of my "workers" back int he 1980's, as I found that audiences (both young and old) loved the soup to nuts patter and puns, and the magic was also very strong.   I still have my own Soup to Nuts packet in my personal colection.    But now I just found another among a large purchase of dealer inventory.

It is new-old dealer stock, so in unused condition, complete with instructions, cards, Q-card, wallet, outer vinyl package sleeve -- exactly as issued 35+ years ago.   

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