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Bargain lot -- 4 great close-up and card tricks

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Online Price

Save: $3.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Shipping costs are always part of the equation when buying magic online.  When buying multiple items from us, we always combine shipping, and we refund any significant excess shipping that you pay above actual shipping and handling costs.

But to try to help you leverage shipping costs, we have put together four excellent close-up effects that you can use A LOT for table hopping and other close-up venues.  They are fun, visual, and play well for kids and for adults who are kids at heart.   (And the four of them can ship for the same price it costs to ship just one of them!)    

Finally, to sweeten the deal, we offer the four together at about 30% off the total of their individual prices!


1.    Eggs-traordinary -- comedy packet trick

The classic Homing Card effect, but using a picture of an egg (cage-free and organic, of course) with three blank faced cards.  The Egg continually returns to the packet.  But in the end, the spectator turns the egg card up to find that he has tapped too hard -- the egg is a broken mess.


2.  Diamond Monte

Made with Poker-sized Bicycle style backs, this is an imported, currently produced version of Jim Temple's classic packet trick.


3.  Ghost Escape

A simplified version of the Locked Deck card effect.  While the three cards are clipped together by a key chain, the ghost vanishes, and reappears wherever you would like.   Credited to British magician, Ian Adair.  Fun for young audiences.  Great for family-oriented table hopping venues!


4.   IN and OUT cards -- Like Terri Rogers' Stargate

You show two pieces of cardboard, the same size as jumbo playing cards (5x7 inches).  A square hole runs through them, they are connected with one side is red and says and the other side is green and says IN.  A few quick folds, and suddenly the OUT sides are in the inside, and the IN sides are on the outside.  



Regular prices for these four tricks are $3.95 to $5.95 each -- total regular retail is about $18, but get them now (all at once!) for LESS!

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