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Slapped Flat -- Tosheroon comes Full Circle

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I better explain my obscure sub-heading for this trick --  "Tosheroon meets Full Circle" -- though extra credit to those of you who understood the references.   Tosheroon was a Bob Dreibeck effect where a vanished coin reappeared in the middle of a deck of cards, directly above a previously chosen card.  There have been myriad variations on this classic effect.  Full Circle was a great routine by Phil Goldstein that had a circle of paper vanishing in a flash, and reappearing affixed to the back of a selected card.
Well, Slapped Flat sort of combined the two:

A card is selected, signed, and lost in the deck.   A quarter is shown and slapped onto the top of the deck.  It seems to vanish, but you explain that the coin has penetrated into the deck.  The cards are  spread and a flattened image of the quarter is seen on the back of one card.  It is the signed selection!   Then, for an extra climax, the quarter is "popped" off the card, becoming a normal 3-D coin again.

Use your own Bicycle Rider deck.   A few basic cards sleights involved, but nothing too difficult.   Also comes with Half dollar version if you prefer to use a larger coin.

Brand new and unused, with instructions

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