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Spirit in the Coffin (Magic Works, 1995) -- NON-WORKING

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When Milton Bradley negotiated the rights to produce and sell (in different packages and under different names) many of the top Tenyo items, it put a lot of really cool, innovative close-up magic into the hands of toy store shoppers in the USA.   Along with versions of great Tenyo tricks, the line also included three additional items designed by Mark Sedducatti, which were “Electronic Talking” magic effects.  All three were excellent. 

Spirit in the Coffin is, in my opinion, the most mystifying of the three MW talking magic effects.  The effect is simple:   a small (but ornate) "coffin" is shown.  Also shown are four cards that depict the four mystic symbols -- hand, bird, snake, and eye.    On the coffin are small pictures of each card, each with a corresponding button.  The mental-magi shields the buttons with one hand and presses one to lock in his "prediction" of which symbol will be chosen.  A clear plexi cover is placed over the coffin buttons to preclude any chance the prdiction can be changed.   The spectator now has a free choice of any of the four symbols.  (For example, she chooses the EYE).  The plexi cover is lifted, and the coffin lid is opened.  A voice comes from inside, "you chose the eye!"

THIS ONE DOES NOT WORK CORRECTLY.  (Electronics wizards may be able to open it up and fix it -- the voice works but not the secret signal device that is built into the prop.)

Spirit in the Coffin was the least popular of the three MW Talkies, for no good reason, because it is very puzzling.  However, many of them did not work correctly.  They worked sometimes, but not consistently.   This one is like that.  It worked inconsistently for me, but recent tests, I have not been able to get it to work.     Because of this, it is the hardest of the Talking Magic Works items to find.  Even in NON-WORKING condition, it is difficult to find.  

I offer this NON-WORKING one as a space filler for your Tenyo/MW collection.  Or maybe you need spare parts for a working model that you already own -- cards, special lid, instruction sheet.    The instruction sheet is a bit wrinkled (not like the crisp sheet shown in thie picture...), and there is NO packaging included.  

Only one of these, at about 75% off the price of a working model, because this one does not work. 

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