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Future Puzzle -- TENYO T-264

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Save: $3.00
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In my opinion, the best item from Tenyo's 2016 line-up is Future Puzzle.  In fact, it is one of the best Tenyo tricks in many, many years.  It is highly performable, does not look like "plastic" magic, and packs a powerful mystery.   If you add a little magician's equivoque to the choice of the card, you make a strong effect even stronger!  

It looks like this:     The magician shows a small "gift-style" box to the spectator, giving it a shake to cause a sound from within.  The box has a windowed lid, and the spectator can see that the sound is created by some puzzle pieces rattling inside the box.  The box is set down, and the spectator is asked to name any face card from a standard deck.  let's say she names the King of Clubs.  (This is a completely free choice.)     Now the magi draws attention to the box.  He removes the lid, and (without any false moves) he cleanly dumps six puzzle pieces onto the table.   The simple puzzle is put together and it displays one card:  yes, it is the King of Clubs.

As mentioned above, the props are very good looking, and you will be proud to present this to any audience.  (I admit that as much as I love many Tenyo tricks, sometimes I feel sheepish to show them to "real" audiences, because they look like plastic toys.   Not the case with Future Puzzle).    And if you know a little simple equivoque you can make the card choice seem like it is not limited to just 12 face cards.   (Happy to explain how I do this to any buyer who asks).

This trick should sell for more, but unlike older collectable Tenyo that has gotten quite expensive, the newer Tenyo items seem to get discounted a lot by dealers.  So I will price it where others do.  But I probably won;t continue to offer this because there's no money to be made at this price, so get yours quick if you want to get it from me.     :-)

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