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Peek-a-boo Deck (Bob Solari, Bicycle poker)

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This is an old idea, but sometimes what is old is new again.  (Maybe I'll be new again someday, too...)   The simple but effective way that Bob Solari has marked this Bicycle deck allows forr some very startling card revelations.   And unlike many marked decks, you can easily see the card value with average vision -- no need to have Superman's powerful x-ray vision to catch the marking!

The instructional DVD that is included teaches four routines with the deck, but I think the deck is best when employed for its primary use -- to quickly and secretly learn the value of a spectator's peeked card.   You remove the deck from its case, fan or ribbon spread them faceup and facedown to show the deck (apparently) normal, and then hold the deck at arms length, riffle down the corner of the deck and let the spectator call stop anywhere she wants.  (No force, truly free choice).    As she peeks at the card she stopped you at, you turn your head away, and then hand her the squared deck to put back in the box.    When the deck is completely re-cased, you turn back and name her card in whatever dramatic fashion you wish.

Yes, you must glimpse the card marking, but it is so easy, that you can immediately turn away, and create the impression that you never looked in the spectator's direction during the selection process.  And because she is peeking at the face card of the upper portion of the deck, there seems no way for you to see either the front or back of her card.  (Fun fact:  you don't see either the front or back of her card!)

Because you know the value of the crd without any words spoken by the spectator, the Peek-a-Boo deck combines nicely with the classic Ultra Mental (aka Invisible) deck.  Spectator peeks a card, and puts the deck in its case.  A second deck is spread faceup to show one reversed (facedown)card -- the reversed card is placed on the table still facedown, and only then does the spectator name her card.  Of course, when the facedown card is turned up it matches the spectator's card.   (This routine is explained on the DVD, but does require your own Ultra mental/Invisible deck (not supplied)

The deck cannot really be used for other (non Peek a Boo deck) effects, so you need to switch it in and out during your set.  But for the time it is switched in, you can do a very, very clean and powerful card revelation that will fooll your audiences of laymen (and other magicians!)

Should sell for more.  Originally sold for $30 from Bob Solari, now selling on his site for $20, and some other dealers for $20-$25.  Get it here for less.

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