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In a Bind -- Jay Sankey -- Red Bicycle poker

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Another neat entry into the "card revelation in an impossible location" derby, this one by Jay Sankey.  

The magi writes a prediction on a page in a small spiral bound notepad.  The pad is set on the table and now the magi has a card selected by the spectator.  She shows her card to everyone (let's say it is the 10 of Spades) and then it is shuffled back  into the deck.  The magi holds the deck and says he does not need to find the card, because he has previously predicted it on the pad.  He picks up the pad, and shows the prediction -- it says "ten of spades".    But since everyone always expects the magician to find the chosen card, he rubs the spiral binding of the pad against the edge of the card deck, and when he pulls it away, a card comes along with it.  It becomes clear that the card is actually ATTACHED to the spiral binding of the pad.  And when shown, the card is (of course) the 10 of Spades.

Although many magicians upon seeing this will think, "oh, yeah that's a neat idea", they will miss the point:  this is crazy-impressive magic for laymen.  They go NUTS when the card becomes attached to the pad!   Don't sell this one short just because (with your knowledge of various card magic basics) you can see how this could be done.  Lay people go NUTS when they see it.

Trust me.  Get this, practice it, and then watch your audience go NUTS.

Brand new with instructions.     BUT PLEASE NOTE:   Although unused, the card that is attached into the notepad has twp small smudge marks on the back -- these are barely noticeable, and do not interfere with the impact of the effect.

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