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Rainbow Deck -- white borders, bridge size

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I really like this deck.  Yes, it is a bridge size deck, but it does have white borders, which conceal the nature of the all different back designs -- most rainbow decks have all over back designs and you can see something is weird with the cards because the edge of the deck has many different shades .  The white borders on this deck allow it to be used freely, to be used with reversed cards, etc.   And this deck handles really nicely.  Any of the usual card sleights and flourishes you want to do...well, you can do 'em with this deck.  I like it because it provides me with multi-designed backs for packet tricks, too.  

Also, unlike many rainbow decks, where someone has put them together from 52 different decks, and the faces of the cards have different shades and different pip designs.   This deck was specially printed as a single deck -- all the cards match in tone, texture and feel.


Oh, in case you are new to magic and don't know what a rainbow deck is:  The deck contains 52 standard card faces, but all the backs are different. (see the picture)


Here's a simple routine that is included:   Two cards are set aside faceup. The spectator deals facedown cards into a pile, stopping anytime they want. One of the faceup cards is set (still faceup) on the spot they stopped, and then they continue to deal facedown. They again stop anywhere they wish, and the other faceup card is set into the pack at that point, buried by the remaining facedown cards. Now for the amazing part --the facedown cards that are next to the faceup predictions are taken from the deck, along with the prediction cards. The backs on these cards match the prediction cards' backs. To prove even further, the faces of the cards are seen to be mates of each other, and the final kicker comes when the rest of the deck (that the spectator did NOT stop on) is seen to be all the same card which matches neither of the predictions.


It's impressive, but you can do many other effects if you find them in your magical library.  The classic clock effect can be greatly enhanced when using a rainbow deck.  Look it up in one of your card magic books, and you'll have another good reason to buy this deck.


New and unused.

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