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Pick Me, Pick Me Not -- Peter Duffie

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Here is Peter Duffie's clever variation of such tricks as Dot's Impossible, Eight Ball, 8-card brainwave, etc.  What makes this version so clever (I think), is that Duffie has eschewed the typical use of Marlo's Olram Subtlety, and instead he has substituted a neat selection process, combined with another familiar and effective sleight.  The results are stronger than the previous Olram-driven versions of the "pick the only different card" effect.

Show 6 jumbo cards, faceup, and state that TWO of these cards are very different from the others.   With the cards still faceup, the spectator touches any card, and it is set aside.  The cards are dealt into two faceup piles.  The magi hands the spectator the previously chosen card, and asks her to wave it faceup over the piles and to decide on either pile.  Whichever pile she decides upon, the top card of that pile is also given to her.  (No equivoque or tricky wordplay here... whichever pile she chooses is the one you take the card from to give her.)   Now she holds two cards.   You turn the other four facedown and show the backs -- on each back is written "Do Not Pick Me".  She turns over the two cards she holds and see they have something different written on the backs --" Pick Me!"

The handling is super clean, and the cards come with no messages written yet, so if you prefer to have the messages reflect some other theme, you can do so.   For instance, the cards could say "Yours / Mine" on the backs, or "Yes / No", "Winner / Loser", etc.    The cards are otherwise ungimmicked, so you can also make this up in poker size cards if you don't want to carry Jumbos while table hopping.   (I like to use a "She Loves Me / She loves me not" theme -- I put it on the backs of the Beauty Prediction trick we also sell at TMGS.)

This is a good addition to your close-up card prediction arsenal.   Comes with Jumbo Bicycle cards, and instructions.  New and unused.   Only one of thes in stock.

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