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White Lies -- Peter Duffie -- packet lie detector

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I like the Lie Detector plot a lot.  (I guess I am not alone in this, as the Lie Detector plot has become a modern classic).  There's something inherent interesting about letting the spectator lie or tell the truth, and yet somehow (by magic) you can correctly name their selected card.    Most lie detector routines use the whole deck, and involve dealing through the cards, spelling out the answers (be they lies or truths), and often the methods require the magician to think-on-the-fly, adjusting the procedure based on what answers the spectator gives.

But White Lies simplifies the effect down to one small packet of cards, and always uses the same procedure and moves, regardless of what the spectator says.  Also, no spelling out of answers.  The spectator says her card is red, and instantly you confirm this to be true or show it to be a lie.  The effect looks like this:

From a regular deck, the spectator chooses a card and remembers it.  The deck is put away, and a small packet of five cards is shown.  They are all white (blank) cards on both sides, except for one which has a big question mark on one side.  (The other side is blank like the rest of the cards.)  The Question mark card is placed aside, and the four blank cards are again shown.  Now a simple question is asked:  was the selected card red or black?  The spectator answers, lying or telling the truth as she pleases.   The packet of cards is counted and one card is now seen to have a large red rectangle on it.  "No, I think the truth is that the card was red!"   The magi asks what was the suit of the card.  The spectator lies or tells the truth, but the packet is counted and now the big red rectangle has changed into a red diamond.   Was you card a number or face card?   The packet is counted again, and the red diamond is gone, and in it's place a bunch of numbers.  "So it was a number card!  The truth will always come out!"  Finally, the magi asks what the value of the card was.  Regardless of the answer, the packet is counted and the bunch of numbers has changed to one big number "8".    The spectator admits her card was really the 8 of diamonds.   You count the four card packet, showing it is now all blank again, on both sides.  Turn over the Question mark card, and there is a standard card face printed on the back -- the eight of diamonds.

Lots of magic, and entertainment in a small packet of cards.  Easy to do if you know basic packet magic sleights.

Brand new with instructions

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