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Devastation -- All Backs meets Card to Wallet

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Another very clever, well-thought routine from Wayne Dobson and JB Magic.   It combines two classic card plots:  the All Backs routine with the Thought-of Card to Wallet.  The result is a routine that builds from a puzzling novelty to a mystifying finish.

The magi tells the spectator that she was in his dream last night and she named any card.  She does so, naming (for example) the eight of diamonds.   Then the magi explains that in his dream he had a very UN-ordinary deck -- it has backs on both sides of the cards.  He takes a deck from the box, and sure enough, it has backs on both sides.  He shows the fronts and backs (I mean, the backs and backs) of the cards as he places them into four rows on the table.   He takes out his wallet.  Explaining that he took the jokers from the deck he takes two of the cards from among those spread on the table -- "the jokers" -- letting the spectator look at the strange double back cards, before putting them into the wallet.   He picks up the four rows of cards and reassembles the deck, again showing it to be backs on both sides.   The spectator names her thought-of card again (the eight of diamonds), and the deck is spread faceup on the table.  Yes, it now has faces!   The entire deck is in new deck order, with faces.   But there is one gap in the new-deck sequence.  The eight of diamonds is missing.   The magi opens thewallet, removes the two Jokers (which also have developed faces).  But for the kicker, the magi reaches into another pocket in the wallet to find one more card...  the eight of diamonds.

Many experienced magicians will be able to re-construct this routine, but for layman, it is absolutely killer.  And it resets in about ten seconds, so you will be ready for your next show.  It does require table space to lay out the cards, so not good for walk-around or table hopping.  But if you have a table to work on, this is strong magic.

Comes with a very nice gimmicked wallet (that you will use for other routines as well), necessary double backed cards, and DVD instructions.

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