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Stickman Sam -- Mark Mason / JB Magic

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Mark Mason is known for creating some very clever gimmicked cards that allow for some very visual magic.   Stickman Sam is one of these.

The spectator freely chooses a card and signs her name on the face.  The card is cut into the deck.   The magi shows the top card is not the selection, and then draws a "stick man" on the back of the card.   Explaining that Stickman Sam can jump from card to card, the magi demonstrates this, by making the drawing instantly jump from the card in his hand to the top of the deck.   The new card with the drawing on it is shown (not the selection), and again the drawing magically jumps onto another card on top of the deck.    Repeat this a few times, and then the magi says it is time for Stickman Sam to find the selection.  With the drawing on the back of the top card of the deck, the deck is tapped against the table three times.  One the third tap, the drawiing instantly vanishes!  No cover, no misdirection -- it just disappears!    The deck is immediately spread and halfway down in the deck, there is the drawing of Stickman Sam on the back of one card -- yes, it is the chosen, signed card.

The gimmicked card is very simple, but clever.  The handling of the routine does not contain any difficult sleights, but you will need to practice to get the feel of handling the deck with the gaffed card in it.  But once you get the knack of it, this one really does look as good as Mark Mason makes it look on You Tube.

Brand new with DVD instructions.

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