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DUSHECK Famous Quotations book -- black cover

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What a find!   This is the BLACK cover edition of Steve Dusheck's Famous Quotations force book.  Usually seen in burgundy red covers, the book was also issued in blue and black.   I don't know what the published quantities of each color cover were, but I do know that in 25 years of collecting since this effect was produced (by the American Magic Company), I have only seen the Black cover edition show up one or two times.    I recently came across a Blue cover (which I think may be the rarest of the three colors, but the Black is also extremely hard to find)

Anyway, here is a BLACK covered version, which I think looks best of the three cover colors.  The effect looks like this:

You show the spectator a hard-cover book of quotations.  You ask her to make her mind a blank, and then to crack open the book to ANY page.  She does this, and you tell her to concentrate only on a single quote that she sees on the page.  All this is done with your back turned away if you wish, as you do not need any visual clue to help ascertain her thought of quotation.  Then with no fishing of ANY kind, you write down a quote on a board, and ask her to read her quotation aloud.  When she does, you show that your impression is 100% correct.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?  Well, the method is bold, but Steve Dusheck knew how people think and he has created a force book that plays off of many pre-conceived notions that people have about quotation books.   If you buy this, you will have a prized item for your magic collection.  If you are bold enough to perform it, you will find out what an audience full of truly amazed people looks like!  :-)

CONDITION NOTE:  this book came from ex-dealer inventory, so it has never been owned or used.  However, the cover has some white spotting on it, which does not seem to come off, though maybe someone knows better than I how to remedy this.  (see photo -- the flash really highlighted the spotting -- it is much less noticeable to a stage audience where you would perform this)

 The instructions are printed in the beginning of the book, and are actually used in Steve's recommended presentation!


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