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Eye Exam -- Danny Archer

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Danny Archer has a good track record of putting out magic effects that are very commercial (meaning practical and entertaining), and Eye exam is another good example of this.  Archer's addition to the classic Twisting/Touch Turn/Bac-Flips genre includes a double back change, and an optional revelation of a chosen card.

Show four cards of the same value (the one I have in stock has the four Fives).  Explaining that the value is not important, you ask the spectator to watch the suits.  Close the four cards into a packet, and when you spread them, the Spade has turned facedown, revealing its red back.   Close the packet and spread aagin to reveal the Heart is now facedown, and the Spade has turned up again.  This is repeated until all four suits have turned facedown, one at a time.  The final suit turns faceup again, so you are back where you started -- four face up cards.  but not really the same as the beginning, because you show the backs of the cards are now all BLUE.   "Perhaps you need your eyes checked?"   The backs of the cards are shown again, and all four have eye chart designs.

You could finish there, but the eye chart has the name of a playing card on its last (smallest print) line.  So you can work it into a revelation of a chosen card.  I do it like this.  After revealing the eye charts, I put away all but one of the eye chart cards.  Ask the spectator to cut the deck into two piles, and then I place the eye chart onto the cut, and reassemble the deck -- the old cross cut force, but with an eyechart card in-between.  After pattering about being able to SEE the future, I claim that I predicted which card the spectator would cut.  Lift the top half of the deck, and they look at the card they cut to -- the Two of Clubs.  Now draw attention to the eye chart and have them read the last line.

Applause cue.  

Danny sells this item for $15.  I have one that has been opened but is unused.  Get it for a few bucks less.

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