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Vintage Manipulation Cigars -- set of three, not four...

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No idea who made these -- but these were owned by the late, great San Francisco club magician, Vic Kirk.  They were part of his magic estate sale (back in 2002) and based on the rest of the magic in that sale, these were mostly likely produced in the late 1960's or early 1970's.   But that is a complete guess.  

There were four of these cigars, and I couldn't quite tell what they were made from...  Seems like resin or hard plastic...  and , UGH, I put my thumb through one of them on accident, trying to figure out what they're made of...    So this is a set of THREE manipulation cigars from about 45-50 years ago.

The three remaining cigars are a lit one, and the two that appear to have partial cellophane wrappers.  The other cigar was a lit one, but I cropped it out of the photo, as it is no longer included (because I am an idiot and broke it....)   But I now know that the cigars are hollow.  :-)      One of the cigars (on the right in the photo) seems to be collapsing slightly -- you can see it if you look closely at the photo.   

Anyway, they look very realistic, and the lit one looks like it has glowing embers and ash on the end.  These don't seem like cheap novelty cigars -- I think they were made for professional stage work, either magic manipulation or possible professional theatre productions.

No instructions.  Just the set of .... Three.   


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