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Business Merger -- visible biz card restore -- Original 1990s

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This is a good one to carry with you all the time.   The moment comes to hand out a business card to your prospective client, and you find only one card left in your case.  So you tear off a corner and give that to the client, telling them to simply remember its yours when they need a magician.  Thinking better of this, you show the rest of card (the torn away space at the corner very visible, and you take back the corner piece and almost visibly (it seems visibly) merge it back together.

How good is this?  Well, only one card is used.  The card can be signed by the spectator before it is torn, and the spectator can see their signature on the card with no corner.  So, yes, it is REALLY good!

Can also be adapted to use bridge size playing card, signed, torn and restored, but why?  Use your business card and get more bookings!


NOTE:  This is an older version of this effect from the mid-1990s, and it is much more deceptively made than those that have been available recently.   This one was made and sold by the creator, Doug Bennett.    Sterling Magic still sells an authorized version of this effect, but believe me when I say that you will perform this A LOT more often and more confidently if you are using this original version made by Mr Bennett himself.  The deceptiveness factor is WAY better.     


ONLY ONE of these in stock.    In like new condition, with original instructions.

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