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Card Coin Half dollar (assorted card values)

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Back in the 1970's, I remember Sterling Magic coming out with Card Coins -- half dollars that had a card value and suit cut right through the coin.   Magicians who got a hold of these and used them discovered that they caused a very strong reaction in laypeople.  Something about real money, with a hole cut in (in the shape of their chosen card) yielded a reaction way out of proportion with the simple method.

Now another version of the card coin is out, also with value and suit cut through a real half dollar.  In this version, the cut out is a bit smaller  than the old Sterling coins, and also set off-center.  These two elements make it easy to hide the cut out with your thumb, so you have the added benefit of being able to casually show the Cut Coin as apparently whole, even after you have switched it in.

Here is the basic routine:  A deck of cards is cut by the spectator, and the cut location is marked by crossing the two halves of the deck.   A half dollar is examined by the spectator.  The magi holds it up to show everyone, then places it in the spectators hand.     Now the card that was cut to is revealed.  It is the 7 of Hearts.   When the spectator looks at the half dollar she holds, it has a 7 and a Heart cut out of it.

If you have some other gimmicked coin stuff, like and ex++++ed sh++l, you can do some very amazing, near visual appearance of the holes.  For example, imagine placing the half dollar in the center of the table, obviously hole and uncut.  Then have a chosen card (hey, the 7 of hearts again?) placed faceup on top of the coin.  A small piece of tissue paper is placed on top of the card.  Touch a match to the paper, it flashes up and vanishes.  Lift the card up, and there is now a 7 and a Heart cut through the coin.   This routine is not in the instructions, but if you have the ex++++ed sh++l and some flash paper, you will easily see how to do it.

Brand new with instructions.    NOTE:  Your coin may have a different card value than what is described or shown in the photo.


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