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Cartomancy (Alakazam) -- BLUE Bicycle

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Another interesting revelation of a selected card, that takes on a broader context of fortune-telling and psychic phenomena.   Peter Nardi of Alakazam Magic (UK) has put together a classy set of props that revolve around "Cartomancy" -- that is, fortune telling with playing cards.   These include a brochure that details card meanings and scratch-off cards that ultimately are used to reveal the selected card.

Here's the effect:  after some informative patter about Cartomancy's history, the spectator deals cards from a deck into a faceup pile, stopping at any point they choose.   Because the cards are dealt faceup, and the stopping point is a truly free choice, the fairness of the selection process is extremely convincing.   The magi shows a brochure folder with information about cartomancy, and stapled to the folder is a single "lotto-style" scratch off card.  These cards, the magi explains, are sold in fortune telling shops, where people use them to daily check their cartomancical outlook for the day.  (I just made up the word "cartomancical").   When the spectator scratches off the card, it reveals the very same card that she stopped at, proving her fates are in strong and positive alignment for the day.  The card and brochure can be given to the spectator as a memorable souvenir.

Comes with 40 scratch cards -- you use one up at each performance, so you have enough for 36 or 37 performances after a few practice runs -- easy to do, you could even practice without scratching the card, so 40 performances.  (refills can be found online for about $10 per 40)

  You also get a few sample brochures that you can have extras printed up if you want to give these away (optional) with the scratch used card.   And the necessary deck of cards (BLUE BACKED BICYCLE) to perform the effect -- deck is gimmicked, but you could also do this with a regular deck, using a different forcing method.  Although the card is forced (surprise!), it is not the same card each time.

Good magic!   Brand new with DVD instructions.


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