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S.U.M. deck -- Roy Johnson / Martin Lewis

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Roy Johnson originally released this deck via Martin Breese's magic company, way back when, and then about ten years ago, a company called Casino Magic got the rights to re-release it.  They made a nice version of the deck using Hoyle cards.  (Recently, the rights now belong to Martin Lewis' MagiKraft, and they have put it out using the european Pheonix cards.)


This is the Casino Magic version, with blue Hoyle backs.  So what is this amazing deck which is so good that it has to get re-released over and over?  Well, SUM stands for Set Up Marked.  The deck is specially marked and ordered to allow you to perform some devastating card magic.   It comes with routines by Johnson, and Martin Lewis, and Cody Fisher, as well as variations on Anneman and Vernon effects.   The marks are bold so easily read -- but invisible to those not looking for them.


How's this for one of the possible effects:   the deck is tabled, and the spectator cuts some cards off and peeks at the face card of the cards they cut off.  The cards are returned to the top of the deck.   The spectator concentrates on her card and the magi names it.  This could be repeated.  Then the magi turns away, and the spectator cuts the cards.  She takes the top card and puts it faceup in the middle of the deck, then puts the deck in the card case.  The magi turns back, picks up the card case, re-iterating that the deck is sealed inside.  He then names the selected card that is faceup in the deck.


I like to use this deck for a killer no-peek peek.  Holding the deck toward the spectator's eyes, the corner is riffled to show the indices to the spectator.  She calls stop and remembers the card.  Even though the magi is obviously not getting any glimpse of the chosen card, he knows it instantly.


Roy Johnson's S.U.M. deck has lasted all these years because it is REALLY good!  


Only one of these in stock.  In unused condition, but opened for inspection.

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