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Half and half (Daryl Martinez) -- vintage 1980s

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Before Daryl dropped his last name, he was known as Daryl Martinez and he was making a name for himself (using both names) throughout the West Coast magic scene in the late 1970's and early 1980's, with his smooth performance style, likeable personality and with innovative effects like this one.  Half and Half was released by Daryl in 1980, and this set is original and from this early release -- the instructions do not even have Daryl's name on them, as he wasn't famous enough yet to think that mattered, I guess.

Half and Half is a business card effect, using a packet of specially printed business cards that have card faces on them -- some are five of diamonds and some are ten of clubs.  The magi shows one of each and then folds them in half, so that he is able to place them side by side in what looks like a "half and half" card -- one half is the 5D and one half is the 10C.  But the audience knows this is just the way it looks when two folded cards are put end to end.  However, when the magi separates the two folded cards and unfolds them, they really have become half and half cards.  The two mismatched H&H cards are given to the spectators as souvenirs.

The cards supplied by Daryl are blank on one side, so they could be stamped with your own information.  Most performers who learned this effect ended up taking the cards to a printer and having the necessary card faces put on the reverse of their own business cards.    Great trick to make your business card memorable.

The packet of cards comes with 28 half and half cards, so you could perform this 14 times, but my recommendation is that you learn the trick and then take the cards to your printer to order them on the back of your own cards.

Vintage magic that is still strong stuff!  Only ONE of these, so don't wait to buy!

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