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Shoet -- signed card in shoe BLUE (JB Magic)

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I usually try to take a picture of the actual props that you get, since it only makes sense that you should see the thing you are buying and not just the slick packaging.  But some magic gimmicks are hard to photograph, either because it gives away the method, or because they are more or less invisible.  Shoe't is in the latter class -- there isn't really anything to see, because when you set Shoe't up in your favorite pair of performing shoes, it is invisible and always ready to go.

The effect is a signed card is shuffled into the deck and the deck is handed to the spectator so the magician can remove his shoe.  he does, and inside the shoe, the spectators see a card.  The magi cleanly removes the single card from the shoe, and it is the signed selection.

The power of Shoe't is that the card is seen inside the shoe as soon as you take the shoe off (because it is really is in the shoe before you take the shoe off).  And the spectators see it is only one card, which you remove from the now empty shoe.   The method is similar to other card in impossible location effects, like John Kennedy's Mystery Box, but even those who know that method are surprised to see how it could be adapted to a shoe!   It does require a palm of the selected card, but the removal of the shoe and the sight of the card already in the shoe give you enough misdirection to palm an elephant, so even those who shy away from palming will like performing this one.

You will customize the gimmick to fit your own pair of shoes (easy to do), and it can be moved from one pair to another pair (usually, unless the shape of the shoes is significantly different).  If you have size 5 feet (US sizing) or smaller, the gimmick will not work in your shoes.  (You can enjoy your petite feet, but not this trick.) 

This effect is a memorable, reputation maker.    Blue back Bicycle design.  Deck in the picture is NOT included -- just there to let you know what color deck you need to use.

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