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Dial-abolical DVD -- good mentalism, funny character

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The DVD cover and stock dealer hype...  I mean, description... for this DVD emphasize the crazy, funny character who takes over the persona of Jasper Blakely for the perfromance section of the DVD.  Playing to a live audience in the alter-ego of Kochov (a mentalist from Monrokvia), Blakely camps it up in the presentation of two very solid mentalism effects.    The perfromance is funny, sometimes the humor is a bit juvenile, but still funny, and never did it seem offensive of crude to me.  (The DVD has a warning that it is not recommended for people under 18, but I doubt that anyone will find anything offensive.   -- If you find the fictitious mentalist's name offensive, then maybe you will find other jokes on this DVD offensive.)   The audience on the DVD seems to have a good time with it.

As for the magic, there are two effects using a similar (and, honestly, quite old) method.  But although the method is old, the routining is good and adds some new elements to the method that make it much more performable and practical.  Also the appliction of the method to a Phone Book test is new (to me, at least) and very effective.

In the phone book test, members of the audience come up with a three digit number.   A spectator turns to that page looks at the name at the top of the page, and the mentalist divines the name.   It is very clean, no questions, no misses, etc.   The same method is applied to a book test, in which the audience chooses a page in one of six books and the mentalist divines the thought of word.

Good magic, and even if you don't start performing as an exiled mentalist from the former Soviet Union, (which I am NOT recommending!), you can learn a lot from Blakely's use of character to add tons of entertainment to his show. 

Only one in stock, this one has been viewed, but is otherwise in perfect condition.

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