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No Tear Banner restoration -- 3 diff messages

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A showy effect for your Birthday kidshows that doesn't take a lot of room in your case, and is low maintenance in terms of get ready and performance.    It plays well because the slow part of any torn-and-restored effect is the tearing....  so this one jumps right past the tearing up section and starts with the restoration!  

You show a bunch of pieces of what appears to be some sort of colorful message banner.  The pieces are about 3x5 inches each, and have bits of words and pictures on them.  Some of it is recognizable and some of it is hard to make out what it might be saying.  Let the kids try to guess what the banner says, as you show all the separate pieces.  Maybe they figure out that it says "Happy Birthday" or maybe they don't.   But either way, you snap packet of banner pieces downward, and before they hit the floor, they all restore themselves into a single large banner, about 22 inches long and 16 inches high.  It says "Happy Birthday".

This set comes with three different banners:  Happy B-day, Congratulations, and also Season's Greetings.  So you are set for birthday parties, graduations, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and holiday shows, too.

Takes some practice, but the clever built in gimmick does most of the work.  

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