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Switch Blade DVD -- Dan Harlan changing card

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Save: $5.00
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I am a fan of Dan Harlan's magic, and so I expected to like Switchblade before I learned it.  Well, I did like it.  I do like it.  It is a useful gimmicked card, that allows for some clean and surprising monte style routines and changes.  Harlan teaches a few ways to use the gimmick on the DVD.  I like it best when applied to the old Biddle Card trick, because switchblade allows you to show the selected card in your hands one more time (very cleanly) before it vanishes and appears int he deck.  (Harlan calls his version fo the routine the Ghost Card, and it is the routine that I use my own Switchblade for the most).   

Harlan teaches an extended routine with the Switchblade gimmick that includes card face changes, transpotions, back color changes, and monte transpotitions.  It is a good routine, and will also get your creativity flowing to work out ideas on your own for this versatile gimmick.

I am personally committed to making single gimmick/single trick DVDs less expensive, so TMGS will sell this one for less than the $25-$30 price it usually goes for.  Only one in stock, this one has been opened, but is otherwise in great condition. 

NOTE:  the card gimmick has a small dent on the edge of the card at one corner.  This does not interfere with the working, and in fact keys you in to which way the card is oriented, which actually helps with performance.

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