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SUPREME The Spelling Lesson -- vintage kidshow

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Not really much magic in this routine, but a good chance for the kids to laugh, and maybe learn a bit of spelling, too.  This is a vintage Supreme item from about 1980.  It is unused, coming from a dealer's inventory.  Some of the cards have some very minor discoloring near the edges -- if you look at the Ball card in the picture, you might notice it.  (You probably won't, as it is very slight, and will never be noticed by your audience.)

The effect uses a packet of 12 jumbo (5x7 inch) picture cards.  The performer shows a helper from the audience how to spell a word, moving one card from the top to the bottom for each letter.  C -A - T.   And the performer shows the last card to be the Cat.  He demos this a couple more times, then lets the child try.  But the child's card says Dunce instead of the word spelled.  Perfromer shows how to spell again, correctly getting a picture to match his word.   Child tries again, and gets the Dunce card.  In the end, the performer gets a Dunce card, again and again, which the kids love to see!   I advise working the routine the opposite way, and have the child spell correctly, and the performer keeps getting the Dunce card.

The cards are laminated and will last through typical kidshow use.  Although not detailed int he instructions, a thoughtful performer could add some magical moments to this routine with a double lift or two, a double envelope, or other switches.  You get a number of Dunce cards, so they could appear in various places, hanging on the performer's back for example.  

A great collectable, and performable, item from about 30 years ago.

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