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Chianti Imp Bottle -- cute version of a classic

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Every magician has owned the venerable Imp Bottle.  I got mine in a magic set from Chex cereal when I was about sixe (in the mid-1960's), and like every other Imp bottle ever made (it seems), it looked like a small white and red laboratory flask.    I still love the classic looking Imp Bottle, but every now and then, I want to get in touch with my inner Italian, so this mini Chianti bottle is perfect!

The effect, though I am sure you know it...    A small bottle isd examined by the spectator, and the magician challenges the spectator to lay the bottle down on its side (like in the picture).  But the bottle keeps popping upright -- you can't keep a good Imp bottle down!  The magician, however, tickles the base of the bottle, and sets it down on its side.  It stays!   The spectator is given another try, and even if she tickles the bottle, it still won't lay down for her.

The gimmick on this bottle is a bit longer than I wish it was, which makes the one secret maneuver a bit more difficult than with the smaller classic red/white imp bottle.   But with a bit of extra practice, you get used to this bottles slightly larger size and you get the knack of doing that secret something that allows you to take total control of the bottle.

Adults are surprisingly intrigued by this magical puzzle.  But it's tons of fun for kids in your audience who are always determined to get the bottle to lay down!   

Bottle is about an inch-and-a-half tall, and made of handpainted resin.

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