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Heiny 500 DVD -- ultra clean Flash Cash handling

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Online Price

Save: $10.00
TMGS Price:


I will say it again....  I am not a big fan of DVD's that teach a single trick.  Seems like they are usually not worth the price of the DVD.    But to a working magician who is willing to put in a little practice, this version of the classic Patrick Page Fast Cash effect is a great buy, especially at the TMGS price.

There have been many other updated handlings of Page's very visual effect that turns blank pieces of paper into real dollar bills, ever since Fred Kaps made the trick famous.  And by changing the effect from blank papers turning to dollars, we now have a much stronger effect -- changing dollar bills into humdreds.  (Also a much more expensive trick to keep in your wallet!)

Karl Hein is not the first to turn dollars to humdreds, and I am not sure who was the first to do it.  Gregory Wilson's Hundy 500 is excellent and popular, as is Steve Hayne's Hand Out 500.  Richard Sanders also has a strong version of the trick.  The effect is so good, well, smart magicians spend time learning it and adapting it to their own style.   And Karl Hein's handling (which is taught on this DVD) is so slow and smooth, that it looks more magical than any of them, in my humble opinion.

Magi shows five $1 dollar bills front and back, and folds them in half.  When the bills spring open, a moment later, they have changed to $100 bills.  It is instantaneous and VERY magical.  Hein's handling then changes the bills back into $1's, in just as magical a manner, and he offers a few logical reasons to return the $100's to ones.  But you could end with five $100's if you prefer.

The DVD teaches you how to make the necessary gimmick in about 30 minutes.  No bills are destroyed, so if you get tired of doing the trick, you can still spend the money (but you will never get tired of this trick!)   But if you want to keep this in your wallet, you will have to keep $606 aside for this effect.  It's totally worth it, and to help you start saving, the TMGS price is seven bucks less than Karl sells the DVD at his website. 

Only one in stock, this one has been viewed, but is otherwise in perfect condition.

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