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Plexi Number Divination

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I'm a sucker for mathematically-oriented magic, which usually has a mentalism angle to the effect.  In this one, you have a nicely made plexiglas stand that holds five numbered tiles.  One side of each tile is yellow and one side is red.  The tiles have different numbers on each and on each side, so the five tiles cover the numbers from one to ten. 

Mentalist turns away, and the spectator chooses to put the tiles into the stand either facing red or yellow, placing whichever numbers outward she chooses.  The spectator may not even notice what numbers she has faced in which direction.  Or she can choose quite consciously.  But when the tiles are set into the stand, the stand osbcures the numbers from anyone's view.  yet when the magi-mentalist turns around, he immediately names the total of all the numbers facing outward.  The tiles are raised, the numbers noted and added, and they do indeed add to the total previously announced by the mentalist.

The fact that one side of the tiles is red, and one side is yellow seems to have something to do with the miraculous divination (and it does), but the total can be named so fast that there seems to be no way the necessary information could be cued to the mentalist simply by the facing colors.  Whether the spectators see it as a puzzle or a miracle, they will be baffled at how fast the magi comes up with the total of the hidden numbers. 

Repeat it and you will get a different total, but just a quick a divination.

Well-made, and good size for club or living room shows.  Tiles are aboout 2 x 3.5 inches, stand is about 12 inches across.

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