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Jumbo Coincidence - Aldo Colombini

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Laymen love jumbo cards!  Who knows why, but they do -- maybe because they look a liitle ridiculous to people who usually just play games with cards, and don't do miracles with them.   Laymen loved to see cards cut in half, too -- again, who knows why...they just do.  So when you cut jumbo cards in half, well, you have something special for lay people.

Two packets of Jumbo cards which have been cut in halves are mixed. A spectator FREELY selects a card from one packet and leaves it protruding from the same position in the pile. The top cards of both packets are now turned over one at a time showing all mis-matched halves until the selection is reached. A perfect match and itís the ONLY card which is in the same position as itís mate in the other packet. But wait!! Now the cards in both packets are turned over one by one again and incredibly, they are now ALL MATCHING!! Comes complete with cut cards. The trick automatically re-sets and is easy to carry.

Good stuff from Aldo Colombini. 

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