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Locking Card to Matchbox

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Imagine you are looking at an ordinary matchbox that you have just tossed casually onto the table in front of your spectators, clearly showing your hands completely empty -- hands that held a playing card just an instant earlier.    And that after a moment for the astonishment to sink into your audience's heads, you ask a spectator to pick up the matchbox and hand it to you.   The matchbox is not really ordinary, but looks completely normal, and can be handled by the spectator.

EFFECT:    you ask the spectator to think of a card, and you say you have one card behind your back that is a perfect match.   He names his card, and when you bring your card forward, it is the wrong card.    "This is not the perfect match", you ask?    Then with a simple and deliberate covering of the card with your other hand, you transform the card into a box of matches which you toss on the table.     "Well, these are perfectly good matches, there must be a perfect match in there somewhere."     At which point, you ask for the box back, and open it to show it is full of matches.

The beauty of the box is that it locks and can be handled so freely, not like the old pitch item where the card folded over and looked like a matchbox.    That said, this works much the same, but with a locking gimmick, and with construction of a VERY thin card, so that the box seems completely normal when locked!     The thinness of the card makes the card look a little suspect, but when the card is visible, the effect at that point is some sort of ESP prediction.    The fact that the card looks a bit funny passes, and it happens so quickly that I don't (and I know you won't) worry about the somewhat thin nature of the card.    

This is a neat way to introduce a box of matches into play.   Box can be casually handled by the spectator -- will not stand up to rigorous examination, but seems quite innocent when picked up and handed to you.    Have a good trick with matches ready to go, and move on after the card to matchbox transformation.

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