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Appearing Golf Balls set of six -- Goshman

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This is a shell-less handling of producing four golf balls.  It uses well made foam rubber balls, produced by Goshman (so you know they are good quality!)   If you enjoyed practicing the classic shell method of the multiplying billiard balls, you will LOVE this, because it will take as much practice (and probably more).   But at least when you drop these balls they don't dent the floor, split in two or any of those other joys of using wooden or plastic balls.

You get four white balls, one yellow for color changes, and one jumbo size white ball for a big ball climax.  

I will admit that I did not feel proficient enough at palming these four balls, even though they squeeze down small, but I got lazy and did not practice very much.  But in case you fear that you also may not have the diligence to learn this difficult routine, here is a great use for this set that I have been doing a lot:

Show two wine glasses, one holds a white golf ball, the other holds a yellow ball.  Also on the table are two silks, one white, one yellow.   Roll the yellow ball from the glass and wrap it in the yellow silk, placing the silk-wrapped ball back into the glass.  Roll out the white ball, wrap it in the white silk, and put it in the glass.  Reach into your pocket for some woofle dust, and sprinkle it liberally over the silks.  The pull away the silks leaving the balls in the glass -- the balls have changed places.  Put the yellow silk and ball away and now wrap the white ball again in the silk.  Hold the silk up and sprinkle a bit more woofle dust on it.   Reach under the silk and remove a JUMBO white gold ball, which you set down on top of the wine glass (since it won't fit inside anymore!)

That routine is not explained in the instructions, but I will provide an exclusive TMGS instruction sheet that teaches it.  So you have this effective transposition routine even if you never master the 1 to 4 ball mutliplying routine.

Brand new with instructions for BOTH routines described above.

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