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The Shadow Card -- Harry Anderson

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When I first started in magic, back in the 1970's, I got a card trick from my EZ Magic catalogue, that was called Confuzin' Card.  It had a jumbo card that was shown to one spectator, then to another and then put on the table.  When the spectators name the card they saw, they both name different cards!  And then the tabled card is shown, and it is a different card from either one named by the spectators!   Great trick.  Haven't seen it available now for decades... too bad.

But Harry Anderson has a similar effect, and in fact, it is even more Confuzin' than the one I used to do as Roderick the Teenage Magician.  Anderson's "Shadow Card" looks like this: 

A deck of cards is wrapped in a rubber band, to preclude any sleight of hand trickery.   Three spectators each peek at the top card -- the corner of the card is lifted slightly for them to see the card index.  The rubber band never comes off the deck, so it is obvious they are definitely seeing the same card.  Then a fourth spectator removes the top card and holds it.  The three spectators name the card they saw -- three different cards!  And none of them match the Joker which the fourth spectator holds.

In Anderson's routine, this is just the lead in to the next phase of the trick -- the deck is split into two halves.  A man peeks at a card in his half and removes it.  A lady peeks at a card in her half and then is given the half-deck to remove her card.  But she cannot find it.  It must have never been there, because it is the SAME card as the man has been holding the whole time!

You can perform these two phases individually, or together.  Both are strong, and both are included in the Shadow Card.   Only have one of these, so get it now if you want it!

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