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Revelation Card watch -- chosen card appears in face

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It's great to have a strong effect that you can have with you all the time, without really thinking about it.  Just make this watch your "everyday" watch, and you have a killer effect ready whenever someone says "do a trick".  (Well, you need a deck of cards too, but it could be borrowed...and besides, we magicians always have a deck of cards on us, don't we?)

A card is selected from the deck, and a spectator puts it into his pocket without showing anyone else.  Another spectator is asked to look into a crystal ball, to try to learn the identity of the hidden card.  No crystal ball is available for borrowing, so the magician says they will use the crystal on his watch.  The second spectator stares into the watch crystal and after a minute, she looks into the first spectator's eyes and announces the name of the chosen card.

A playing card appears mysteriously inside the watch face every 30 seconds.  It comes into view then fades away.  So even a spectator lacking true psychic abilities can successfully name the chosen card.

Another way to present it is to have a card selected, and say you will find it in less than 60 seconds.  Hand the watch to a spectator, "to keep time" and as you look unsuccessfully for the card in the deck, the spectator sees the face of their chosen card appear beforfe their very eyes!

This was a hard one to photograph, but I think you can see the card image as it appears.  The watch in the photo has some protective plastic on the band, if you are wondering why the band looks a bit wierd.  A nice looking watch that works as normal (keeping time) but has the built-in appearing card feature, too!

NOTE:  this item was popular with magic dealers about 5 years ago, but unfortunately, they all discontinued it, because it was supplied with a cheap battery that failed very quickly.  Most dealers just sold them for the $35 retail and let the buyer pay another $10-$15 for a new battery.  I have just replaced the batteries in this one with a high quality watch battery that will last at least a year.  I needed to add that expense to the price, but now you do not have to worry about it, and it is still a great magic prop for the money.


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