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Mental Card Transpo -- like Tricks Co Ltd effect

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Back in the late 1980's, Tricks Co Ltd came out with a routine that was like a double-dose of Phil Goldstein's B'wave -- it had two packets and the two thought of cards seemed to transpose places in two separate packets.  This effect was then re-invented (I am sure independently) by John Bannon, and popularized as his Twisted Sisters.

So now here is the trick out again, from Italy.  The effect is worth bringing back:   a red packet of four cards and a blue packet of four cards, are shown.  One spectator thinks of a black suit, and another thinks of a red suit.  The selected suits are seen to be faceup in the packets.  But wait!  The faceup cards are turned faceup, and the backs of the cards are opposite from the packet they occupy. (The thought of cards seem to have magically jumped to the other packet!)  And for a finish, the rest of the cards are shown to be completely blank.

So, whether credit goes to Bannon, Goldstein, or the Tricks Co inventor (whose name I cannot spell), it is still a great trick.

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