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Strait Jacket Escape -- insane magic!

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I am not a big fan of escapes...sorry Houdini, but they don't normally seem like "magic" to me.  However, that doesn't mean they aren't impressive and even entertaining when given the right presentation.  I got interested in the Straitjacket escape after seeing Penn and teller do their very funny version (with Teller escaping as Penn read a poem -- would Teller get out before the end?  It might not sound funny now...I guess you had to be there!) 

Anyway, I think if you get creative with the presentation, like maybe you have to escape before you can find the selected card, (with a 60 second time limit, of course), or your assistant is counting money into a bag every second while you try to get out, and she gets as much money as she counts before you escape...   If you do more than just roll around on the floor trying to get out, and if you put some element of risk in the routine, I think a straitjacket escape can be a highlight in any magic show.

This straitjacket is impressive looking for laymen, but to be clear, it is an "economical" version -- nicely made, but uses lighterweight canvas, and heavy cloth (not leather) straps -- you can see in the picture.  But is definitely is strong enough to hold a person, and has all the familiar straps and buckles, including the crotch strap, which is always good for a laugh or two when you are being tightly buckled in.

The jacket is gimmicked in a simple way that allows for an EASIER escape -- though it is not automatic.  You do need to do a little work to get out.  The gimmick just gets you past the most difficult part.  My first try took me about 5 minutes, (and had my wife laughing the whole time -- thank god she did not make a video...)   But once I got the hang of it, I could get out in less than a minute.

With practice, the escape (using this special jacket) is within the abilities of anyone with normal physical strength and mobility.   

This item is about 4 pounds, so the shipping will be fairly high.  But if it ends up shipping for significantly less than the website calculates, we'll send you a refund for the excess.

And just for the record, since so many magicians and dealers (and even the manufacturer of this jacket) get it wrong:   it is STRAIT jacket, not STRAIGHT jacket. 

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