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STAMPADDLE -- vintage Tannenís early 1970s

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Here is a set of the original Stampaddles, sold by Tannenís back when I first started in magic.  I always wanted to buy this trick back then, but as a teenager, when $8.50 was a LOT of money, I never bought it.  Fast forward 30 years, and I came across TWO sets in an estate sale.  Yippee!  I kept them both for the last 15 years, but Iíve decided to part with one set now.  If you love vintage paddle magic like I do, donít miss this!

You can read the description in the 1972 Tannenís catalog (#11) that fully describes the Stamppaddle effect.  "The magician shows a paddle with a one cent stamp on both sides.  Running the paddle through his hand, the stamp changes to an 11 cent stamp on both sides.  Next the stamp changes to a 5 cent stamp on both sides, and finally back to a one center on both sides.  next the magi has a card selected and a tiny replica of the selected card appears on the paddle!

Unlike most hyperbolic and exaggerated descriptions from early Tannenís catalogs, this one is pretty much true to the way the effect works and looks.  (You do have to ditch an extra ďthingĒ that is secretly stolen away during the effect, but it is tiny and easy!  You also do a simple pocket switch of the paddle for another to do the card part of the effect.  But you probably guessed as much already.)

The paddles are in very good shape, with the only flaw being that the silkscreen print of the card on the paddle is a bit uneven or worn Ė see the photo.   The original instructions, alas are not included, but I have copied instructions for this item from a book in which the trick was explained in the late 1970ís.  So you have the full routine Ė just not the original instruction sheets.

The trick sold for $8.50 in 1972 Ė you remember... when Nixon was President, TV had 13 channels, gasoline was about 35 cents a gallon, and the minimum wage was $1.45.   So today, if you could find it, it would be about $75.  If you could find it...  You found it, but you may never find it again!  Don't wait to long to order, as I only have ONE!


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