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Plasto Vanishing Pencil

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Qty: 1   

This is from the late 1980's or early 1990s, a simple trick that I still use, after 40+ years in magic!

The effect: a pencil is wrapped in paper, and it vanishes...the paper is crumpled into a ball and tossed away.   If you look at the picture, you will see what is going on here, and if the picture is not enough to reveal the method, then the name "Plasto" pencil might help! :-)

The item does not look especially deceptive when scrutinized, but no one really scrutinizes an innocent pencil. You can be writing something with it, and get the idea for a trick. Wrap it up and then, boom! Crumple the paper up, and remove the duplicate "real" pencil from your pocket for examination.

NOTE:  the gimmicked pencil is not as flexible as I (and I think you) would have preferred it to be -- it does not completely crush, but does bend in half, so the implied vanish is still effective -- just bend the wrapped paper in two, and then crumple and toss.

Don't sell this one short! It will fool 'em!     Or maybe you just want one as a collectible of "beginner's magic" from the late 1980's period

Brand new-old dealer inventory -- complete as issued, and unused

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