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Casanova Concept DVD -- Steve Hayne

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The "Casanova Concept" may be so named because after viewing a performance of it, women may have wanted to have Steve Hayne's baby.  The trick is so unbeleivable that it might have "rock star - groupie" kind of effect on your audience!    The DVD explains a few different routines, but let's focus on the spotlight routine, which Hayne's calls the Casanova Closer.  (Probably because you should not try to follow it with... ANYTHING!  Walking on water would be a let down.)

I'll describe it exactly as it happens:  Magi removes two ungimmicked cards from the deck that have a lot of white space, like two Fours -- say the 4 of clubs and 4 of hearts.  He draws a small circle on the face of each card, and then has the spectator write her intials in the circles.  The cards are placed facedown on the table and one f the cards is chosen and placed into the specator's wallet, which she puts back in her purse.  The other card is turned faceup showing it's the 4 of Hearts.  It is lost in the deck, and after a magic moment, the magi removes his wallet from his coat pocket.  Inside the wallet is found the spectator's signed 4 of Hearts.  The wallet is set on the table, and the card again lost in the deck.  A magic moment, and when the wallet is opened, again, there is a card inside.  But, wait!  When the card is turned over, it is the spectator's other signed card -- the 4 of Clubs.  She reaches into her purse (while the magician stands far away, never touching anything), she takes out her wallet, and she removes the card inside.  IT IS HER SIGNED 4 of HEARTS. 

Remember, her SIGNED 4 of Hearts appears in your wallet.  Then it appears in HER wallet!  re-read the description above.  I did not skip any important details that would weaken the effect -- nothing like "your thumb covers her initials when you show the card" or "the spectator briefly takes out her wallet in the middle of the effect so you can check that the other card is still there".  Nothing like that!  It is as clean as I described it.

The routine described uses a Mullica-style wallet (not included) but there is also a version described with a normal wallet (which is also great!).  As you would expect, you need to palm a card, or use the standard load for the Mullica wallet.  But only for the first half of the effect -- amazingly, the method for getting the card into the spectator's wallet is simple and sleight-free!

The DVD also includes other tricks using the concept, including a signed card penetrating a glass tabletop while it is FACEUP with signature visible.  In case you were not sure yet, I like this DVD a lot!

Only one in stock, this one has been viewed, but is otherwise in perfect condition.

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