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Bicycle RED (faced) deck -- first generation

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One of the many colored-FACE decks that Magic Makers convinced US Playing Cards (who manufacturer Bicycle cards) to print for magicians.  This one has red faces, with white hearts and diamonds.  The back of the cards is the familair Rider design, but the color is a bit darker than standard Bicycle Rider decks, so not good for adding a few of these to a standard deck -- not really that noticeable, but you should be aware of this. 

Besides just using the deck for any of your card effects, because it looks so different, my favorite effect is to do a startling color change of a heart or diamond pip card from standard red pips on white background to the opposite.  When the pips turn white and the card face turns red, it is like the card literally turned inside out.

Also comes with four extra specially printed cards for other effects.

This deck is what Magic Makers call First generation, since the second release of the deck had reverse (negative) printed backs and box.  This earlier version is not easily found anymore.   Deck is opened but in brand new condition.

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