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Animal Telepath

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This effect could be done stand up, I guess, but its a bit small so I recommend uusing it as a close up mental mystery.  Four cardboard "strips" are shown (each about 2 inches by 8 inches) and each bears four ictures of wild animals, like Bison, Fox, Tiger, Dog, Cow, Zebra.  (Okay, some are less wild than others, but there are 16 DIFFERENT animals depicted on the four strips.

A strip is given to each of four spectators, who mentally choose and remember one of the animals on their strip.  Once this is done, the strips are collected and mixed, and then re-shown to the spectators, one at a time.  The spectators are asked if they see their thought-of animal on the strip.  If the spectator replies yes, the mentalist immediately knows which animal the spectator is thinking of.

This effect is a version of the famous Telepath effect (which came out aboout 30 years ago).  The original Telepath effect used symbols instead of animals, but the animals open up opportunities for patter possibilities about personalities matching animals chosen, brief cold readings based on the animal, etc.

Easy to do, and easy to carry around for table hoppers.  Also can work for kids because they love the animals.

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